Rubber Formulation

What is in a Rubber Formulation? But more importantly for Laminar Industries and our customers we need to understand the Purpose, Properties and Usage Environment. This will help us make unique products.

The critical elements are:   Base Rubber, Fillers, Processing Oils, Curing Agent, Pigment and Special Additives.

To achieve the purpose we have to ask what will the product be use for? example includes ..Sealing, dampening, shock, oil applications and medical.

After we get the purpose, we need to know the properties which includes…Strength, Tensile, Tear, abrasion, Cosmetic Color, Surface Texture, Vibrations and thermal conditions.

Understanding the usage environment will help round out a complete understanding of the formulation of a part. Will the product be used in conditions with contact to….humidity, chemical, length of those interaction, sunlight, UV, weather and many more. Please keep up with Rubber News here!