Molding Process Flow

The process of molding a custom part is a standard but complex process. This flow diagram helps to understand the steps we take to achieve a quality part.

Drawing – Received from customers in 3D CAD format.

Mold Making – Another word is “Tooling” for shaping the part. We have in-house tool making in Singapore. In Austria, we partner with the best tool makers in the industry. Please visit our capabilities page.

Compounding – Mixing of material to achieve the specification of the part. We compound our own material in-house.

Molding – Molding machines (Compression or Liquid Injection) will make the part based on material and mold tool. Laminar Industries offers 3 Types of machines 1) Compression 2) Liquid Injection (LIM) 3) Hybrid. 

Deflashing – Removing of the excess material manually or using automation. We specialize in custom automation to assist with high volume production.

Post cure or cleaning – Is the process of finalizing the part by using heat to cure or other methods to clean. Subject to the design requirements for each part. Take a look at our products page to see a sampling of the finished products.

Packaging – This is the process of packaging the part per customer requirements.