Custom Silicone Rubber - Beyond Limits

Laminar Industries is a global silicone and rubber manufacturer. We work with companies to take their design from prototyping to full production. Our business offices stretches globally offering you the convenience to speak to our team during your business hours. We are spreading the word about our capabilities on Liquid Silicone Injection Molding and Compression Moldings across the Globe. With established history in Asia, our latest focus is in the United States. While developed companies are global we strive to be local where you sit. With the travel landscape changing, it is more important for us to have presence close to our customers. Our industry experience includes and but not limited to Consumer Electronics, Medical Device, Health, Automotive, Home Electronics, Automation and other industries. Please do reach out and see what we can do.  We are ISO 13485 Medical Devices and Quality ISO 9001 Certified.